An incredible set of 20 exciting stories and incidents from the IT world. Create your own unique story, illustrations are fully editable.
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Hey mates! Today we present you our new super-cool illustration pack. Here are 20 vector scenes for landings and apps. Explore IT-world in pictures! As always we provide you a 30% discount code: ph30. And of course, feel free to ask me any questions!
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@shepovalovdenis Purchased! I am very honored to have your amazing illustrations on my project
@shepovalovdenis Amazing work, Denis — as always. You never stop to impress me.
A bit misleading with 'download a demo' where it charges you (even if it's $1) to download a sample even.
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@ripulagarwal You don't have to pay anything, just leave it as is ($0).
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Thanks for making this available. Love the illustrations!
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@ecasado Thanks for your love!
@ecasado Where is it free? I just see "Purchase: $28"
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@ecasado @mrapierce Oh, it is not for free. Only free demo illustration.
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@mrapierce You are right. Got too exited. Just edited my comment
very neat love it
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@yellingbytes Glad you like it! Thanks!
H, Denis, They look so cool! Congrats! 🎉
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