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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Reminiscent of the controversial Peeple app. One of the biggest challenges with these is that those with a bad experience are more motivated to review someone, resulting in more negativity and bashing.
Jonathan GildeHunter@jonathanhaus · Marketing Professional, BrightHaus
@rrhoover Yes, it's similar, but we also wanted to come up with key differences. We have also found that the majority of reviews are very positive. While we want honest reviews (ex. if a guy or gal is actually married), we do ensure that posts are not just bashing others.
Steve@stevenbward · Founder CEO,
@rrhoover Looks like they're out of business.
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Steve@stevenbward · Founder CEO,
@rrhoover Do you think you should move dead apps to a graveyard or something? I use @producthunt to prospect B2B customers, then go to LinkedIn to find their makers. You'd save loyalists a lot of time by moving dead apps to graveyards.
David Chang@chang2301 · Founder, Ziltag
On marketing side, in order to attract people willing to download your app, you should make your landing page simpler. Right now it has too many texts on the landing page and is distracting. This one should serve a good reference for you: Good luck!
Aram Shahinyan@aramiggs · Co-founder at inKin Corporate Wellness
@chang2301 totally agree, too much text. 9 out of 10 will leave the page. no chance.
João Antunes@joantune · co partner, Survs
Yeah, @chang2301 IMO not that _big_ of a problem, but *perhaps* it makes the product look 'unpolished'. That text could be shortened without risking loosing the message. this: "Been there, dated that? Finding the perfect mate can seem impossible. Stroovy provides serious online daters a community-led platform for peer-to-peer dater review." Could be transformed into something like: "Validate your future prospect date" -> I'm no copywriter, I'm sure the maker can come up with something better And then on the next paragraph, you explain a bit more... On a better note, simply switching the order of the "Authenticate Before You Date" with the rest, can be better. Everyone is used to that pattern (newspaper article style)
Jonathan GildeHunter@jonathanhaus · Marketing Professional, BrightHaus
@joantune @chang2301 Great feedback! Thanks for your thoughts. We'll meet up as a team and discuss :)
Jonathan GildeHunter@jonathanhaus · Marketing Professional, BrightHaus
@joantune @chang2301 Been working with @kungfufan on a new site design. Let me know what you think:
João Antunes@joantune · co partner, Survs
@jonathanhaus @chang2301 @kungfufan Nice! good follow up. I'm no UX expert but I think that this might be communicating the message better. However, that 'Yelp for online daters' is a bit hidden by the media logos and the 'What users are saying' and 'What the press is saying' is hard to read as you have no scrolling powers over it I would highlight a couple of quotes on both sections, and maybe even link a page to all of the quotes (?) Anyway, I'm really curious to see if this change translated into a better conversion (in relative terms) what does Google Analytics tell you? I see the value in the app, however, as always, the challenge is to build critical mass on these things for them to be useful. Best of luck with it!
Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
How do people become whitelisted to review you? (assuming they have to do so) Honestly. I dont think I'd want many (if any) people 'reviewing' me. Also seems to have 'Linkedin skills' - kinda ha.
def gonna have to give this a go haha ;)
Steven Rueter@rueter · Developer
Are dating apps like Tinder incentivized to implement features to verify their users? Or should we leave it to someone about to go out on a date with a complete stranger to use common sense to ask the right questions and do the proper background checking themselves if they feel inclined to do so?
João Antunes@joantune · co partner, Survs
@rueter the thing is, he/she can lie :D, the idea of a yelp to dating seems interesting to me. *Edit and disclaimer to GF*: to me as an entrepreneur not a person :D