Trust strongDM to manage an engineers access to everything

strongDM extends your SSO to manage access to any database or server in any environment. It's like reaching inbox zero for authorized keys files. Less work, more control, and an audit trail of every query, ssh & RDP session.

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I was really impressed when I got to see your live demo and then take the product for a spin. The fact that I was actually up and running in under an hour was the best new product installation I had in a very long time.
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@chris_f1 thanks so much for the feedback, Chris!
This is a really slick product. Any company who cares about GDPR or protecting themselves from data breaches should be using this to add another layer of protection and accountability. Are there any plans to do any analysis of the logs to alert for potential security issues before they happen?
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@frank_denbow thanks so much for the kind words, Frank! We haven't published a roadmap, but I've shared your question with our founders.
Great Product and support, We use it everyday to securely access our AWS resources in multiple regions, no need for VPNs. Support also has been great, very responsive to our needs. Looking for new features & enhancements in SDM products.
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@yi_cheung thanks so much for the feedback!
Hi DevOps of PH 👋 Justin here from strongDM! * “I need access to production. I’m researching a bug. I’ll be good.“ * “VPN? Can’t you just poke a hole in the firewall?” * “Why does our production database have a user named 'gandalf'?” * "Who dropped that table?" * "This authorized_keys has 72 entries...any idea who they belong to? Recognize any of these? We wanted to build a security product that actually made everyone's lives easier. Simplify the process for DevOps to onboard/offboard staff, answer auditors' questions, and respond to security incidents. In short, we wanted to make security feel more like DevOps. strongDM includes: * Integrations with identity providers to centrally manage access to databases & servers in addition to apps * Protocol-aware proxy to centrally log every query, ssh & RDP session regardless of database or server type * Compliance reporting to answer auditors' questions Happy to answer any questions here in the comments. Thanks!
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Huge fan of this product. It really eliminates the traditional headaches with giving teams database access with the right level of granularity and auditing. The new features for internal access control and ssh key leasing are also great. StrongDM is a staple tool for any dev team!
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@gregratner Thanks so much for the kind words, Greg!