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I've tried a number of workout logging apps and Strong is easily the best I've used by a long way. If you are someone who knows what your routine is and simply want to track progress the most efficient way possible then take a look. Little features that I love: - App can stay 'alive' (you don't have to unlock your phone every set to enter data) - Awesome rest timing features (timer works in background, so if you flick over to check PH in your 3 min rest time it notifies you to start next set - this never works well with other apps) - only displays enough stats that you should care about (e.g PRs, weight lifted last workout for each exercise, charts progress)
I've used Strong to track workouts for a couple months now, and love it! It's just what I need—a simple way to track workouts and measure progress.
Until we figure out a way to automate data entry by using the sensors in our watches/etc, apps like this will never last. People get really sick of data entry after every work out.
@lukedeannif People also get sick of working out and just stop :) But those that are dedicated continue and they track their workouts manually because they care about their progress and improvement. That aside, there are systems coming that are tracking the reps and even recognising exercises like, and
@lukedeannif Not sure I agree. Maybe for people who have trouble adhering to a routine to begin with, but I know serious lifters who track their lifts over years, even people who have been pro bodybuilders. I also know people who fall into the opposite camp (you should lift by feel) but they often weren't tracking lifts to begin with, or only were for the first year or two of lifting because they thought they had to. Personally, I lean toward the lift by feel camp, but I can see the use case (especially long-term) for this app.
I've used Strong to track 100's of workouts and I really like it! The only thing I'd like to see is larger touch targets for completing an exercise or selecting a field to enter data. Great app!
I don't care about recording reps, I need at least TUL(time under load)! Weight x TUL. Is there anyone out there making an app for logging HIT protocol? (Not to be confused with HIIT)