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Discover and book events and things to do on fb messenger

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StrollUp helps urban people find best activities and new experiences in their city. We have created an intelligent chat bot to answer "where to go out?". It can suggest you where can you find best hookah, where are the best DJ parties tonight, where to take your girlfriend, adventure places for fun and more. StrollUp is the only chat based product in India which suggests and books places/activities. Our bot gives user persona based and time/weather based contextual suggestions. So if you are a single male, it would suggest you top parties right now. If it’s a sunny day, it would suggest you a good place to have a beer. It would give different suggestions to different people according to their like/dislike, interest, age, marital status, and whom they are going out with. You can ask it anything related to outing: where should I go this weekend? What should I do in Gurgaon?. The bot would give you photos of the place if you ask, it would give you directions when you need. It would even make a reservation for you.