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Thanks for hunting us @hiten! @sebfeed and I are excited to be on Product Hunt today! At Strive, we're on a mission to unlock the camera. Snapchat continues to raise the bar for user expectations in mobile products, and we're here to enable you to launch killer features just as quickly :) We're starting out with a live face filters - just drop in our SDK, and your users will get instantly photogenic. By helping them look their best, expect less camera-shyness, and more engagement around the camera. As a PH exclusive, we're offering free access to our tech for the next 24 hours! Make sure to use the PH-specific link, and you should see a free option in the pricing chart. And in exchange for feedback and advice on this early version, we'll continue to grandfather you in to future iterations. Over the coming weeks, we'll be releasing improved face tracking, custom art upload, and Android support. In the mean time, we'd love to hear the community's feedback! Let us know about new hard-tech features you'd love to support, and we can see if we can take care of the computer vision & AI for you ;)
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@sebfeed @abhinavvadrevu this looks wonderful but I'm freaked out about your pricing, only thing that will get me excited is if this was free for startups really I have over 300,000 users but my camera app Audrey, makes $0 a month and we haven't touched it in over a year, featured by Apple - we get a few thousand users a day globally. Have been #2 in Egypt etc let's talk: info@sheriffv.com
@sebfeed @sheriffv @nicholassheriff Hi Nicholas, sorry to hear the pricing was an issue! I'll def shoot you an email, and we can chat about options.
@abhinavvadrevu @sheriffv @nicholassheriff yep sent you an email, lmk what you think! 😎
Finally someone has created an SDK for live face filters love it! Will definitely be trying this out 🔥🔥
@sean_bakko Awesome! Definitely let us know what you think, Sean :)
@sean_bakko awesome glad to hear 🎉 maybe theres a way to join forces w instagram maps 🤔
Congrats on launch guys!
@ranidu Thanks, Ranidu!
@ranidu w00t w00t 🎉🎉🎉
Make your app more fun for users! Strive is a SDK that makes it dead simple to support face filters in your iOS app. Just drop this into your Xcode project. There's also a Product Hunt deal for 24 hours only - get your hands on the SDK for free. Check out the demo app here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/...
@hnshah Thanks for the post!! 🎉❤️🔥
Congratulations on the launch. I guess Instagram can just use this now to copy Snap
@purisid Haha yepp! Hopefully it also benefits smaller teams that may not have the resources to build features like this :)