Automated software job search, based on your interests.

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Thanks for the post @kwdinc Hey ProductHunt! We built the developer community, and got very familiar with how tedious and painful the job search process can be. We built to help automate it by using your personal interests to find the most interesting opportunities out there for you. This way your job search can run in the background and connect you to great companies effortlessly. We've started with remote software positions for strong tech companies, with plans to expand beyond that. Take a look, give it a try. We love to hear feedback!
@nathandoctor @kwdinc Congrats! Great to see everything coming together!
@nathandoctor congrats to you and the team on the launch!
Interesting I'll add this to my Hack Your Job Search Collection ๐Ÿ‘
Tried to sign up with LinkedIn but I keep getting this error "Unable to connect with that provider."
@nathandoctor Any insight? Can't get into my account from yesterday... Growing pains?
@nathandoctor same thing happened to me
@braunshizzle Thanks for letting us know - the LinkedIn API has been very flaky as they've scaled back support for 3rd-party uses.
The link doesn't work anymore.
(y) Have requested for an Invite (Employer). I am looking for developers to build gmail plugin & outlook addins.
@dhruvp2014 Great to hear it! We'll be in touch about getting you setup.