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Stripo is a drag-and-drop email template builder which also offers a pure HTML code for worldly-wise and skilled designers. 20K+ people love Stripo for automated email creation processes that save time, for embedded modern tools to build interactive emails, and for sophisticated ready-to-use templates.

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Hello, I’m Dmitry Kudrenko, CEO at Stripo. Proudly present our email template builder. It has been developed both for email marketers who use the drag-and-drop editor and for skilled designers who prefer working with a pure HTML code. When building our editor, most of all we wanted to significantly reduce the time you now spend on email creation. Thus, some Stripo features automate numerous creation processes: * smart-elements are there to create numerous product cards in a few clicks; * library of blocks to save the mostly used blocks, and containers; * advanced integration with the world’s famous ESPs, and email clients to enable you export emails with just two clicks and edit them after export; * banner block to design sophisticated banners with copy over them without any photo editors; * 250 pre-designed email templates, divided into categories. All you have to do is choose the one you like, customize it in accordance with your website design. Export to the ESP you use. Our second goal is to let email marketing keep up with the times. In other words, we want to provide our users with all the necessary tools to design modern emails that contain interactive elements: * image rollover effect — create engaging emails and save some space in the templates by using the rollover effect; * countdown timers — within just two minutes add and configure countdown timer in your emails to inform recipients about the sale duration; * accordion menu to entertain customers and save some space; * embed videos in emails to congratulate customers on holidays or provide them with detailed “manual instruction”; * want other interactive elements in emails — insert embed code into HTML block. We tried our hardest to create the best email builder for your convenience. I hope you will find it useful and essential for your email marketing career.
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Hi Hunters! As the product designer I've tried to design a simple to use and powerful tool for all types of users — skilled HTML coders and email marketers that can use drag-n-drop UI without knowing email coding skills. Also we added and continue to add tools that will save your time spent on creating emails. Glad to answer any questions!
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@roman_burdyga hi! Roman, do you offer pre-designed templates to use? Thanks
@anyutanyusha Hi Anna! Yes, we have 250+ ready templates and we don't stop on it! So, go to and choose template you like or which fits your bussiness
@roman_burdyga Thank you 😄
@anyutanyusha you're welcome 😉 Enjoy!
Our builder is there to help you create sophisticated emails in no time. Embedded micro tools allow editing images, creating elegant banners, adding interactive elements to emails right in the Stripo editor. If you please, the HTML code editor enables our skilled users to work with pure code to create totally unique emails. Let your imagination fly, and Stripo will help you implement all your brave ideas!
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We had a separate person, who has created adaptive emails for our company. Now we don't need it anymore. As a Business Analyst I spent a few hours for creating more than 25 emails. Stripo really decreases expenses.


Can create the email within 5 min, amazing support, easy to export and making tests, adaptive emails automatically


Didn't find

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Thanks for your review 😄

In fact, I like it that my colleagues have a shared Stripo account. Convenient when a large number of people need to have access to work on and edit same projects. Would love to embed in my SaaS


the undo-redo and the history of changes options are useful, especially when your colleagues have access to edit emails in shared account.


have not faced any yet.

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thank you, Anna!