Stripo is the first email template builder for AMP-powered emails listed by Google. Add AMP elements using a modular drag-and-drop editor or an HTML coding tool. Try a library of 300+ email templates and 500+ modules. Save up to 60% of time with Stripo!
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Hello, I’m Dmitry Kudrenko, CEO at Stripo. I would love to present to you Stripo - the first email template builder that supports AMP for email technology. No matter if you are an email marketer who uses the drag-and-drop editor or a skilled designer who prefers working with a pure HTML code, Stripo is a perfect tool for you. We provide our users with all the necessary tools to design modern emails that contain interactive elements. Keep up with the times using Stripo! We know how valuable your time is, that’s why we wanted to significantly reduce the time you spend on email creation. Stripo is focused on creation processes automation, thus you can save up to 60% of the time you usually spend on email creation.
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I reviewed damn near every service similar to yours prior to committing to Stripo, and the feature that tipped the scales in your favor and made me a paying customer was the hide/display options for mobile/desktop viewing. (I did encounter an error once where that wasn't working with tags, but I managed to find a workaround somehow. I think.) I've tried coding hide/display on mobile/desktop for emails by hand before, and it is an unholy nightmare of unspeakable horrors, so I really appreciate the system you guys have in place for this. From what I remember when testing other services, nobody is doing this right except for you guys. Either your competitors don't have responsiveness options at all, or they're really hard to work with. If I was running Stripo, I'd put even more money into making your responsive option as bulletproof and consistent across email clients as possible. Not to say it isn't already - but I love the feature so much that I just want to give it even more loving. Thanks for providing awesome service! :D
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@new_user_12e4a5387c OMG) Thank you for such worm review)
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Amazing tool for business! Simply to use, fast to learn and as a result - great value! Thank you for this product:)
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@anastasiia_burban Thank you so much!
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The ease of drag and drop and the option to go to HTML mode. Keep bringing in new features and new templates - would be willing to pay more if more templates and options were available
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@alisa_kryvosheieva Working on it. Thanks!
It has a lot of customization to offer for each layout. Good job.
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