The absolutely easiest way to run

Pinstriped is the easy way to prepare and run worthwhile meetings.

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10 Reviews5.0/5

It is mind changing tool. It helps you to think about meetings in different, better way. That is what I like about it.


Really helps to have more organized and efficient meetings.


Lack of integrations into other apps. Only Slack is present right now.

Using Pinstriped to prepare my meetings and have access to the past meetings. This tool is a time saver.


Easy to use and a beautiful UI


Support for more platforms not there (yet)

This looks interesting. I'll have to try it out at my next meeting.
@ssxio Thanks! If you have the time, please let us know how it worked out for you.
Hi guys, I can't see a way to create recurring meetings. Is there one? I would need that if I was to use it for our weekly team meetings- Don't want to enter same info every week.
@emmakayconlan recurring meetings will be included in an upcoming update. Probably within the next 2 weeks. Will let you know when it’s out. In case it helps until then, you can also duplicate meetings.

Great, new release with fixes, I do see some improvements!


Efficient and short meetings is one of most important factors in order to get things done


Still need more integrations and open public API