Shipping for Stripe

Print shipping labels for Stripe orders, from Shippo



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Laura Behrens Wu — Shippo
Hey hunters,

I'm really excited to talk about the Shippo for Stripe app, which syncs orders from Stripe to Shippo where you can compare shipping rates, buy shipping labels and track shipments

Shippo already provides shipping rates inside the Stripe API responses and with this app, we now make it simpler than ever to print labels and ship packages from Stripe. Our shipping dashboard helps businesses fulfill orders with simplicity, speed, and accuracy. We provide address validation, easy international forms, batch mode and many more features standard for all our users.
Jack Smith — Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
I can see this being very useful for sellers that don't have a fully built out shopping cart in Shopify or something, but instead just want to sell a few items very simply.
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