Project management platform for video producers.

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Romain Biard
@rombiard · CTO, Strime
Thanks a lot Kevin! Strime is a video project management platform. We help video producers to collect feedback from their clients by allowing them to simply write their comments on the video. As a video producer, you're notified by an email or directly into Slack, and a timeline is created along the video with all the comments, their timestamp, the name of … See more
Louise Croft
Gave this a try and loved it. So much better than Dropbox + email which is what I used to use!
Andrew Brodsky
@andrewjb44 · Digital Product Guru
This looks fantastic. My wife is a video producer and works with many contractors and clients. I will share with her and get her feedback.
Khuram Malik
@khurammalik · The Strategist
Perfect timing. This is exactly what i need right now. I have a video producer that is working remotely and I need something that can allow me to collaborate with them without having to be in the same room. This asynchronous method is ideal.
This looks great!