Project management platform for video producers

Strime is a platform which allows people to easily collaborate on video productions. With Strime, you can share and comment all the assets that are part of your video project: videos, audio files, images, scenarios, ...

Strime is dead simple: people can write down their comments directly on the videos.

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Thanks a lot Kevin! Strime is a video project management platform. We help video producers to collect feedback from their clients by allowing them to simply write their comments on the video. As a video producer, you're notified by an email or directly into Slack, and a timeline is created along the video with all the comments, their timestamp, the name of the person who commented. You can filter them and answer to them. Last but not least, Strime is FREE to use and is available in english, french and spanish!
Gave this a try and loved it. So much better than Dropbox + email which is what I used to use!
@louise_croft Thanks a lot Louise!
This looks fantastic. My wife is a video producer and works with many contractors and clients. I will share with her and get her feedback.
@andrewjb44 Thanks a lot Andrew. Tell her to feel free to send us any feedback she has!
Perfect timing. This is exactly what i need right now. I have a video producer that is working remotely and I need something that can allow me to collaborate with them without having to be in the same room. This asynchronous method is ideal.
@khurammalik Thanks a lot Khuram. Feel free to send us your thoughts one you've used Strime!
@rombiard Someone on my team will hopefully be trying it this weekend. Quick suggestion. Not every video producer is working with customers. Some are working in a team, so you might want to get the language to reflect that as otherwise it could be a little offboating. Secondly, do you have a good system for managing the video uploads? You don't want something that is really time consuming to upload a video. Also, is there a way to publish direct to a Youtube channel or FB from within the app once the video is finished?
@khurammalik All the feedback we have regarding the uploads are good. Let me know what you think about it. YouTube and Vimeo integrations are on their way. You'll soon be able to export your videos there. With regards to the language, I'm not sure to understand what you're referring to. Could you give me an example? Thanks for this great feedback!
@rombiard Sure. Here "Strime is a simple tool designed to improve the tracking of corrections of a video project and facilitate exchanges with your customers, all this right from behind your screen." you could maybe change it to You could change it to ""Strime is a simple tool designed to improve the tracking of corrections of a video project and facilitate exchanges with your customers AND COLLEAGUES all this right from behind your screen." hope that makes sense?
@khurammalik Makes a lot of sense! Thanks a lot for this valuable comment!
This looks great!
@cosbgn Thanks a lot Costantin!