Share your experience and hold businesses accountable πŸ‘Š

Strike is a complaint escalation platform that broadcasts bad experiences to the world, and applies pressure to the business in question, to provide an appropriate solution for the consumer.

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As a consumer, have you ever had a bad experience with a brand/company? Chances are, we have all experienced bad customer service, faulty products, quality concerns, lemons, horrible brand experiences, shady practices, wrongful doings, etc. Sometimes your negative experience gets swept under the rug and forgotten. I created Strike to help put pressure πŸ”₯ on brands to make things right and to warn others of common problems. Strike is a daily centralized feed where consumers can post their negative experiences and the community can upvote to help bring more visibility and hopefully influence the brand to make it right. Please take a moment and think about the last 30 days. Have a negative experience with a brand that wasn't made right? Share it on Strike!
@dnyflorian it will be better if you complain directly to the brand, instead of writing on a random website. Don't you think? Another option is just to write in your social media feed, Every brand is monitoring them for feedback and sentiment analysis.
@bogomep yes there are numerous places you can complain on, this is an aggregate feed and with a few new features a great resource when researching companies you want to purchase from. This also makes it easier for you as a consumer to have one place versus each individual company website that may or may not have any reviews on their site.
Why does your logo (and name) bear striking resemblances to Slack, is there an integration there I'm missing?
@alekplay I assume you mean the old slack logo and not their new one? Yeah the colors and overlap treatment on the "X" are similar.