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Connecting travelers with the best experiential trips - adventure packages, multiday tours, safaris, and custom trips. Travelers can search 20,000+ itineraries from 1,000+ experts, with over 100,000 reviews to pick their perfect trip with confidence.
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So Stride is a cross between TripAdvisor and Kayak for adventure travel packages. They have thousands of group tours and independent trips from hundreds of countries on every continent. Want to hike Macchu Picchu? Check out Angkor Wat in Cambodia? Or figure out the best boats to cruise up the river into the jungle? Stride's got pretty much everything, indexed so you can easily compare your options. I love it because it saves a lot of time and frustration in the planning stage so you can find the best itineraries without visiting 30 sites. It helps uncover the top highlights and routes for a given destination. It also lets you read user and pro reviews of both the specific itinerary and the tour operator that organized it. You get a 360 degree view on picking the right trip for your style. You can also 'bucket list' your favorite itineraries. It's a bit addicting. Stride is made by awesome travel industry vets from Viator and Intrepid Travel and has angel backing from some heavy hitters like the founder of jetBlue. They're filling a long-neglected hole in the travel booking landscape - the 'metasearch' for travel packages. OK, enough talk, I'm back to my bucket list-making.
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Thanks G! Stride cofounder here. Hope you guys love Stride. Your feedback and suggestions are very appreciated. Our mission is making active authentic world travel more accessible. The team has been working hard for awhile now to get you more brag-worthy travel, without the hassle. And for you intrepid hunters, we’re offering an *exclusive special* - up to $500 travel credit (first 500 hunters only). Enjoy Stride Travel & Find Trips That Move You!
@gdiggs Hi Gavin, I'm a fan of your product! I love the idea of discovering a tour company that I've never heard of before. Perhaps you have plans but it would be really useful to have an advanced search feature where you input certain preferences (Countries, duration, adventure type etc) and it curates a personalised list. I'm working on something similar for the youth travel market. I'm curious is your business model based on affiliate programs or do you plan to take bookings directly? Also, for the reviews are they all original content or are you pulling that from the tour providers websites? Thanks!
@hnightingall Thanks Harry. I may be misunderstanding what you meant but Stride actually does have an advanced search feature that does almost exactly what you suggested. You can get to it from clicking on 'Advanced Trip Seach' in the top nav bar, the 'Advanced' button in the main homepage search box or actually any search results page. The filters you described and 12 more are all along the left hand side of the search results ala Kayak and many others. In the future we'll enable storing of certain key preferences and a more step by step wizard which may have been what you meant. Happy to connect directly to talk more and good luck with your youth travel market concept!
@gavindelany same question as @hnightingall -- where are the reviews coming from? If all original, how do you plan to convince more people to leave reviews?
@gavindelany Thanks for the reply :) Yes, I saw the filters they are great! I meant as you suggested more of a step wizard. I think this company has an interesting 'wizard' ( Also, I think it's going to be interesting for you as the middle man. You will get insight into search trends, preferences, customer feedback etc which will be another value-added service for your partner companies. Great appreciate that a lot! I'll reach out via email.
Glad to see this out there. Stride has built a very comprehensive and well thought out product to fill what seems like an underserved corner of online travel: multi-day tours, activities, safaris etc. Usually Google would be a travelers main resource booking a trip like this and results would be dominated by a handful of big players such as A&K, Jules Verne, etc. Stride on the other hand has partnered with hundreds of tour operators worldwide to give travelers many more options to suit their needs and budget. Congrats and best of luck to the team!
Nice work guys. This does fill a hole in the market to make it easier to find travel packages. If you'd like to build out your cruise inventory, we should chat. I run and we have an API with prices/dates for all sorts of cruises. Reach out if interested. Good luck and look forward to following you guys!
@farazq Thanks Faraz. We are always adding additional products (5500+ and counting), including small ship/river cruises. We'll certainly reach out soon!
@farazq Hi Faraz. Sounds like we should definitely talk. Thanks!
Totally looking forward to using my $500 account credit on Stride. I produce events on Periscope. On Sat, Nov 7, 2015 my inaugural Scope Day event generated over 51,000 views and 1 million hearts with less than half of my 65 broadcasters set up on stats via It was the largest 'Pass The Cast' travel & music events ever produced and a smashing success. :: Scope Day was featured in :: Adweek | SocialTimes Official Periscope Medium Blog [The only event to ever be featured on the blog] Huffington Post Dynamic | Business [Australia]
@mike_lin @periscope Cheers Mike! Thanks for checking out Stride and look for an email later tonight with details on how to redeem your credit.
Hi everyone, Jared here - really excited to showcase Stride today on PH. We think travelers everywhere need a better way to find and book epic adventures around the world and built this product for them. And, just in time for the summer travel season, we’re giving $500 in travel credit to a limited number of PH users, so hop over to the site and check it out! Curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on the product. Cheers, Jared