Stride Nutrition

Fine supplements delivered in smart bottles

Stride Nutrition offers top-quality nutritional supplements paired with a smart bottle.

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Tristan Pollock
Community + EIR at 500 Startups
TBH, I never really thought of myself as a supplement person until I found Stride. Other products always seemed like they were designed for old people or that they were based on fluff. Stride has 6 products that are well-researched, come with a cool tech experience and are based on Science. If that’s not enough the most unique thing about Stride is that their products come with a free Bluetooth-based smart bottle that tracks doses and helps you remember to take it on schedule. This works with another product developed by the founders that’s called Pillsy. The “No-Risk Refill” feature looks like something Amazon should have developed by now, kind of like Dash and Subscribe and Save, but built into the packaging. Essentially, it will automatically order a refill for you after you’ve taken most of the tablets, but not before. So if you stop taking them no refill will ever be sent and you won’t be charged ever again. You can check how many are remaining anytime in the app and refills can be canceled within 24 hours of being placed. This could be especially promising for things like nootropics, which generally need to be taken consistently for 4-6 weeks to show an effect. Stride is launching with 6 core products: a multivitamin, probiotic, omega 3, prenatal, nootropic and sleep aid.
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SachinFreelance UX'er
This is good UX. Loved it.
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Hasan DiwanJackson St. Capital
Can one buy empty bottles and put our own substances within?
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Jeff LeBrunCo-founder, Pillsy
@hasan_diwan Yes, you can buy bottles directly from Pillsy on (med bottles are up. The vitamin bottles are currently sold out on Amazon but will be in stock in a couple of days.
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I absolutely love this product!
Kevin ReeversSoftware Developer

I’ve been on the multivitamin for a couple months ( on my final of the 90), the app doesn’t allow weekend flexibility so what you initially set for the alarm is kept. The snoozing feature is only app compatible. However what has made me disappointed is I haven’t received and update for the sleeping pills I also bought. No response, just took my money. So buyer beware


Simplifies taking pills


Bad customer service, UX isn’t quite ready for prime time.