Stribr 2.0

A better way to manage your Instagram account.

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IMO the website puts me off: CAPS LOCK EVERYWHERE but the actual product looks useful for those looking for this cc @rossdcurrie
@bentossell We built the homepage rather quickly. Will change that soon. Use the product and let us know what you felt.
@bentossell Definitely ugly, but I'm more interested in functionality. The main issue I see right now is that the pricing model doesn't work for me. If I'm going to pay $80/mo for an instagram tool, I better be able to use it on ALL of my accounts.
@rossdcurrie You can still add more accounts in the lower tiers and that would add up to less than $80. The last tier is mostly for brands with lot of followers and analytics for that are quite expensive (like check in analytics at locations, influencers) etc. The middle tier would do for most businesses (and covers almost all essential features). Is there any other product who's pricing you are happy to use? I'd like to have a look and see how we can modify/incorporate those ideas.
@vidarth91 @bentossell @vidarth91 Buffer springs to mind. $50/mo and I can manage up to 25 social accounts with up to 5 team members. To be honest, I had to login to Buffer to check what I pay, because I just don't care - it lets me manage them all and outsource to my social media manager, so I don't worry about it. I happily pay whatever manageflitter charges me to manage all my accounts there, too. I am yet to find a single instagram tool that lets me manage multiple accounts without jacking up the fee for each account I add. Crowdfire is the only one that comes to mind, but it's pretty buggy and I think they try to increase the fee when you add accounts via the web app too. If you want to become as ubiquitous as Buffer, the ability to connect multiple accounts at the same price point would be a major point of difference over all of the other instagram tools popping up, and would encourage agencies and social media bloggers to use and talk about your tool. Just to reiterate that point - charging extra for multiple accounts just encourages social media bloggers and agencies not to use your tool. These are the people you should be giving it to for free, as they're the ones that are going to write about and recommend it as an amazing tool. At least throw in 5 at each level without jacking up the price.
General Comments: - Should be able to add as many accounts as I want during trial. You might have reasons for this, but if I can't use it for all my accounts, I'm not going to bother. So when you want to know why I haven't logged in again since the first time, this is why. - That "UPGRADE ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" button is really distracting. I wish my adblocker hid it. I keep going to click it instead of the search button. Move it to the top of the left panel. - left panel should be resizable or hideable. All it shows me is the name of the account I'm currently looking at - confirmation e-mail doesn't send - when I get it to re-send confirmation and click the link, I get "headers already sent" errors - I clicked the confirmation link, please stop showing me that really annoying banner across the bottom. I have to hit hide on EVERY SINGLE PAGE Main page after login: - Searching for a hashtag ("#germahsepherd") throws an "invalid argument supplied foreach() in /home/stribr/webapps/search_results.php on line 128". So first you need some user friendly error messages, secondly you should probably fix whatever that problem is. Seems to be because I searched for something with # on the front - Searching by location stuff isn't really relevant to me. I run global brands. - searching by filter has no relevance to me. - Had to hit hide on that e-mail confirmation thing again - I feel like the user search should just return a particular user rather than a list of users. - the user search provides limited value over the in-built instagram tool - had to hit hide on e-mail confirmation thing again.
Especially because Instagram doesn't support multiple accounts
@tmoulos We'vs faced that problem too! You can handle multiple accounts with Stribr!
Stribr which used to be a location based social media marketing tool has pivoted into a tool to help manage your instagram account. They are launching their public beta today! Using Stribr, you can search & filter your most important hashtags, locations, geographies on Instagram.Monitor your keywords, hashtags, locations & geographies. Gain deep insights into your followers. Identify interests, influencers, people who don't follow you back, most engaged users etc. View your account analytics & take actions in the same dashboard.
@kwdinc not sure if you seen but Instagram is discontinuing a lot of the support in their api for the type of functionality you've built - something to look into as you progress into the future
@rickats Instagram has deprecated their /self/feed API which does not contribute to the major functionality of our product. We were approved by Instagram 6 months ago (all products have to be re-approved). API based consumer products will be the ones who will be hit the hardest.
@chingucha @kwdinc cool man :) i'd really work on your design though - seems like something that has been slapped together by engineers
@rickats thanks for your feedback πŸ˜„ been hearing a lot about our design here and improving that is definitely at the top of our todo list.
Instagram management is definitely the big thing for this next year, as they start to integrate more Facebook ad functionality. so I'll be the first to ask: what makes Stribr stand out from the other up and comers?
@thejeremycarson I added the founders as makers. They don't have commenting access yet. Should be replying once they are given commenting access !
@thejeremycarson Thanks for the question! We built this tool because we were using too many little tools to accomplish the following tasks on Instagram : 1) Search and monitor hashtags, locations 2) Manage followers (nonfollowers, inactive etc) 3) Analytics 4) Scheduling. So we built a dashboard that did all these things. Try it out and let us know what you think!
Instagram analytics is the next marketing hotspot. With a little bit of work on the aesthetics part, I think you already have a strong contender here...