Work break timer with guided movement & breathing exercises

StretchMinder is a simple way to keep active throughout your workday. Set your schedule and on each break receive one of our growing library of 20+ guided workplace-friendly routines that are designed to improve your productivity, focus, and well-being.
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Hi PH, We’ve built StretchMinder intending to help others break out of the sedentariness of every day life and bring more movement into the workday. When I was working as a Software Engineer, I was struggling with chronic neck and shoulder pains from being glued to my desk all day. On top of that, just sitting around all day put me in a constant state of stress. I knew the best solution to this problem is to get moving more throughout the day. But it was hard to keep myself motivated to do that, let alone to come up with what to do for a break. I needed something to push me and coach me throughout the day. That’s when the original idea of StretchMinder was born. What if I had an app that would remind me to take breaks while also guiding me through exercises that specifically address the needs of someone who’s sitting all day. We designed the app to promote a healthy and balanced workday with 4 types of break activities: 🤸🏼‍♂️ Move - Movement routines designed to improve posture, relieve stress & pain, and get your blood flowing. 💨 Breathe - Sitting all day while heavily focusing on task after task results in you taking hamster sized breaths. Take a few minutes to breathe right. 🚶🏻‍♂️ Walk - Get up and go for a walk. We’ll count your steps and notify you when you’ve completed enough steps. ⌛ Timed - Take a 5 or 15 minutes break and do whatever you like. We have been using this every day especially since the lockdown, it has completely changed how we feel after a whole day of work. Even though I may be biased I can’t imagine being without it. We hope StretchMinder could help you feel better the same way it has helped us! Does this solve a problem for you? Your feedback would be VERY MUCH appreciated, especially if you could let us know how we can improve StretchMinder to fit more naturally into your workday. Thank you!
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@calvin_cheng I like the breath exercise animation. Very well done. It is similar to
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@amos_gyamfi Thanks Amos! You're right, I can definitely see the similarity there. Might have to take a page from your book on the breathe in/out text animation ;)
Awesome concept! Definitely essential for those who need an accountability buddy when it comes to avoiding overworking.
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@tricia_resurreccion Thanks for checking us out! Please let me know what you think if you get the chance to give it a try :)
Wow I have tried this app for the past few days and it works wonder! Especially since working from home, I keep forgetting to take the time to stretch and move around. This really shows how a simple concept and yields great result. Keep it up!
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@darrendswong Thanks Darren!! So happy to hear that it's been useful for you!
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I'm a graphic designer and can get stuck in my chair for hours straight. This app has been so good not only for my legs, but for my head space too.
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@rita_wong That's awesome to hear Rita! I'm sure @cora_wang can totally relate to that haha
@rita_wong @calvin_cheng Totally!!! RSI is no joke...
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Looks great, the interface looks amazing. Will use it for sure!
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@jaafarabdelaoui thanks so much for the kind words! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it 🙏🏻