Stretch Your Annual Leave

Tool to help workers get the longest possible vacations

Stretch Your Annual Leave is a tool that takes into account public holidays to let you plan the longest possible vacation using the lowest amount of actual vacation days. Genius!

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Nice idea! Does it take into account the different holidays for each nation in the UK? Scotland gets an extra bank holiday on 2 January, you see.
@stevenjmesser Thank you. I’m not taking into account at the moment. But it’s an interesting observation and I’ll think the best way to implement it.
@stevenjmesser Hey Steve. I just included all UK nations and another countries as well!
@leonagano Top work! Thanks for letting me know :)
Many of us in the UK were hoping news of the Royal engagement between Harry and Megan would also bring news of an extra Bank Holiday - sadly not the case. I love this simple tool which helps you work out how best to use public holidays to plan a long vacation, so you can use less of your paid vacation days to make a trip. @leonagano please tell us more about your project 🙂
@abadesi Thank you! After reading an article with a travel hack showing how "stretch" our holiday, I thought: why not create a tool to help UK workers to enjoy their annual leave? So, I started googling and didn't find any tool to do it, so I decided to build. I hope it'll help UK workers to "extend" their holiday
@abadesi Just updated the website and included more countries!
Love the idea! Would prefer if the results come in calendar form instead of a list of dates.
@celinehau calendar now on for 2019 version