Stress & Anxiety Companion

A mental health app for managing everyday stress and anxiety

Companion is a mental health for managing everyday stress and anxiety.
Using cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, Companion offers exercises, written and audio guides for reducing stress & anxiety symptoms.
Companion is now available for SMEs and teams.
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I ordered the yooforic hemp oil purely on an experimental basis. I didn’t expect anything to happen if I’m being perfectly honest. Much to my surprise, taking every night before bed has improved my sleep tremendously. Not only that, but I wake up refreshed and anxiety/stress free-which hasn’t happened in a very long time. I have completely eliminated all other sleep aids and will forever be a supporter of this oil.
@nathanr99076906 This product has definitely helped me wind down at night as I’m getting ready for bed and I’ve noticed I feel better when I wake up the next morning.