Strength Stash

Curated directory of the best fitness & nutrition resources.

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Josh Morrow
CRO, Copywriter, and Maker.
What's up, Product Hunt?! I built Strength Stash over the last few weeks for two reasons: 1) I have a ton of favorite fitness and nutrition resources that I've used/collected over the years. 2) I wanted to share them with the world. Fitness and nutrition information can be overwhelming to beginners, because there is so much information out there. With Strength Stash, I've curated some of the best apps, books, documentaries, workout programs, tools, and resources that I could find. Of course, I couldn't have built this without the help of @piotrkulpinski and @janwennesland and their Chipmunk Theme, which I leveraged to develop Strength Stash. It saved me a tremendous amount of time that would have been spent building the directory from scratch. With that said, I do hope Strength Stash makes it easier for you to reach your fitness goals. I'd love to hear your feedback and welcome any critiques or recommendations you may have!
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Piotr Kulpiński
Full Stack Developer, maker of Chipmunk
@morroworks @janwennesland Thank you Josh! I really love the final product! Congrats! In case anyone's interested, the theme is still available for purchase at 👌
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