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They lost me at Java...
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@rfreling they lost me at the guy saying that they lost him at Java...
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@mckean @rfreling they lost me at: no green download button...
@rfreling Well only the backend controllers are written in Java/Groovy. Thats 8,8% of the total code. The frontend is written in JavaScript with angular.
@rfreling The Java/Groovy part of the code seems extremely organized and well-written. I believe it wouldn't be hard to port it to Golang or another "non-RAM-eater" language.
Is it better than Plex ?
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@elie_teyssedou I was going to say the same thing. Plex is incredibly well done and mature. It has apps for web, AppleTV, Playstation, Roku, iOS, Android and anywhere else you would want to watch movies. This looks like a very basic version of Plex.
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@elie_teyssedou This is much clunkier than Plex. It is a self hosted web application where you can easily add new shows from scrobbled data, but you have to upload to that web application every media you acquire you-know-how, file by file, episode by episode. The only feature that Plex needs to steal ASAP is the synced watching for remote watching parties. It also needs (or maybe doesn't need) voice-chat for shared comments and laughs.
@apoapostolov You're right, the synced watching is a great feature. I used to this with friends. It's kinda funny, but when it come to pause the movie... it becomes tricky.
@elie_teyssedou It is completely open source under the MIT License. I think this is pretty awesome and a big advantage over Plex.
@_jacurtis @elie_teyssedou Basic and *open-source*. ;-)
Host your own Streaming Application with your media library. It's Open-Source and theres quite a cool list of features
My first reaction was "ok, but what about suggestions?", and then I saw it actually leverages IMDB "related" feature, very clever! It's not close of a "suggested for you" feature, but given there are just so many movies released every month, it sounds perfectly fine. One thing that would be really cool is if it was able to "merge" access to streaming services. Now that watching movies is affordable, I became an heavy binge watcher, instead of just going to theater or downloading a movie once or twice in the year, like before. I certainly don't want to manage a big collection myself, and it would mean either downloading tons of torrent or spending tons of money on individual buying. Yet, streaming services all have the same problem : their catalog is limited. Being able to import catalogs from those services in Strema and watch them directly from there would be a real game changer.
@oelmekki What this guy said
@oelmekki how has no one done merge properly? Is it that difficult to stay up to date with their catalogs?
@toobulkeh I did a quick check, it turns out netflix has shut down its public api a few years ago, so this certainly is making things difficult. There's a website called "netflix roulette" which randomly selects a movie from catalog, so it's certainly achievable (my guess is that they rely on a undocumented api, so it should implement some caching mechanism to avoid to break if this changes). The next problem is to actually display a movie, given those streams contain DRMs. But I guess users wouldn't mind too much being redirected to a movie page on netflix or other once they selected what they want to watch, instead of always using the same player : what really matters is to look up catalogs. Obviously, the real answer here is to make partnerships with related services. It can be a good thing for them : people already subscribed to HBO won't consider subscribing to netflix as well easily ; but they actually may if they have an app they like that makes it easy to merge services. It could even makes sense now that netflix is focusing on creating its own content : you can expect there will be less duplicates between services and that it's worth it to subscribe to a service just for its own content.
I hope it will not promote piracy to next level...
@evivz there are already tools for this (Plex, emby)
@cndyymn piracy is promoted due to industry not changing fast enough. Since Apple TV, I barely download movies. When I did download them, it was due to the fact I wanted it now and in a file format rather than a DVD or waiting. But yes some people want things for free. I wonder what would be the buy rate of those who pirate.
@cndyymn @evivz This is like Plex, except web-based only.