Turn existing analytics into marketing automation

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I'd like to see a bit more technical info on the website (code samples, developer guide, …). The promises sound cool, but I would only spend time if I can see the integration work I have to do beforehand.
@iweinfuld Thanks for the feedback! I'm co-founder and CEO. It takes about 10mins to connect your analytics or do the SDK on iOS and Android. Then our developer knowledgebase has a truckload of content for integrating with backends. Easy REST/JSON API for pushing/pulling data
StreetHawk gives marketers powerful but simple "Segmented Messaging" to reach App Users. Increase customer retention & engagement on Mobile Apps.
@kwdinc Hi Kevin - thanks muchly for the post :) You get default segments out of the box that start to appear once your App goes live in the Appstore (or the integrated version gets update). Then easy drag-drop custom segments or engagement campaigns that growthhackers/marketers can create without bugging the developers. #500Strong
Looks nice, havent figured out the pricing yet? haha
@artofwarbiz Hi Wilson, we offer a very generous "FREE" level :) The other levels depend on the mix of users, viral deeplinks, campaigns, geofences, beacons etc, so you can request a quote inside the Dashboard.
@rrhoover how do I suggest similar products?
Looks awesome, what are the benefits of using analytics instead of using an SDK?
@vuknikolic By connecting analytics, you can get started with marketing automation immediately. In contrast the SDK approach takes 90 days to duplicate what you already knew in your Analytics. You have to debate the SDK with devteam, get it on the roadmap, integrate it, submit to Appstore, Wait, Release, Rebuild the usage-data. Then you have duplicates Dashboards, Data and many SDKs. To be clear: StreetHawk ALSO has pods & open source SDK options - so each App can choose what is best for them.
@djinoz Great, thanks for the insight!