Discover great restaurants through 10 second videos.

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If Snapchat and Yelp had a baby... πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ
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@rrhoover Love this tagline!! Stealing it 😁
Streethacker lets you discover great restaurants through 10 second video recommendations posted by popular foodies in your city. The simple interface lets you watch videos of great food experiences to help you decide where to go without having to read long reviews. The videos give you an idea of the food and ambience unlike pictures & text reviews.
@kwdinc This is very interesting. I am just worried about the possible bad impression it could give to others depending on the time of the day or so as well as a good impression. I don't know how restaurant owners might react to it. But hey there is no such thing as bad publicity right?
@cemedericarak @kwdinc yeah! You're right. The timing might affect what's on the video. I guess it would be taken care when there is more content. :)
I actually like this better than images or text reviews. A video gives a far more raw impression, noise levels, etc.
I like! Is it videos only? Would be good to have photos too... Restaurants can be loud, pictures often do it justice (filters obviously help ha) Borsch does quite a cool job in this space. And of course... The 'instagram for foodies' (which is just instagram, right?! πŸ˜›) Foodie OH and Chefsfeed is slightly similar in that Chefs give you the inside scoop on best dishes. This is like the non-professional version :) - amateur eaters πŸ€”
@bentossell Hey Ben! Yeah, we are starting off with videos. It's making our users get more creative and capture more information. But yeah, we would definitely think about adding pictures. The food content on Streethacker is more discoverable/searchable based on distance, cuisine, food etc unlike Instagram. I just checked Borsch. Looks cool. :) @chefsfeed Yeah, SH is an open platform unlike Chefsfeed. Having said that, we are on-boarding popular foodies who would be creating high quality content.
@bentossell minus the videos and the fact of being able to discover few places rapidly, wouldn't pictures make this process almost the same as yelp where we can already access pics of restaurants. The only difference would be you have to type something or look up restaurant to look at pictures while this is directly recommended.
Thanks @kwdinc for hunting Streethacker!! :) Streethacker is an all new way of discovering great food experiences. Our goal is provide local information through easily digestible bytes. We are more popular in the Bay area & New york. There are more than 300 restaurants to choose from in the Bay area. Go ahead & share your food experience on Streethacker. All users signing up for Streethacker this week will get exclusive discounts from SF based restaurants & Streethacker Stickers! :)
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