Take selfies anywhere in the world without traveling

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Streetfies is an app for iOS and Android that let’s you take a selfie and choose any place through Google Streetview (or your own images) to use as a background. You can finally take a selfie right next to the Eiffel Tower, discovering Machu Pichu or chilling by the beach in Cancun. We are not really trying to change the world with this one but bring in some smiles. We have tons of features on our road map, but I would love to know what you guys think.
Hi, everyone! We really worked hard on this one. Let us know if you have any questions. Yes, you can prank your friends on Instagram pretending you're somewhere else.
I've tried a few similar apps to this and found that the examples given in their demos were clearly done using Photoshop and could not have been done within the app that precisely and in fact most of the time I could have done a better job myself using Paint. I realize $0.99 isn't much money to buy the app, but is there a way you could give users a taste of what the app can do before they purchase, e.g. 5 free credits to try removing a background, then they have to pay. I like the idea though, and if the background replacement really is as good as your demos, it's the best I've seen yet.
@alangarrec Sorry, I replied in a plain comment actually :-)
Hey Alan! Thank you for your feedback. You make a very good point and we tried to figure out something around a freemium business model to let people play with it first, but to be honest, I hate Ads that I consider being most of the time too intrusive not to spoil the experience. We did not have better ideas so far than stickers to add some in app purchase, but we all know that won't really help. That's the reason why we ended up at the lowest price available, and I guess it's affordable enough even if not free. In our mind, we have auto-finance these first versions to see if you guys like the idea, and then the revenus we can eventually get from this launch will finance the next versions. Sorry it's not easier / cheaper for you to give it a try.
Just paid for the app. in First attempt, it was unable to capture my face only. Will give a second shot with a clear background
@haseeb iOS or Android? Most common reason is the level you use on the tools to crop / clean the background. Start with the smallest one and it should be OK. I guess we should remove the strongest options, as they are addressing a too wide range of colors.
@pocarles @haseeb Tried multiple times but unable to capture something that come even remotely close to actual selfie.
@haseeb Sorry to hear that. Again, I think the coming update should improve your experience. You can check the current Android version if you have one, as it's already up to date... or simply wait the the iOS one coming as soon as Apple approves it. Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it.