Graffiti from instagram, curated and searchable

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We started this project maybe 2 years ago as huge street art and graffiti fans when we were enjoying the strong community around those art forms on Instagram. Instagram is an incredibly strong, dare I say the strongest platform for visual artists of all types. Most street artists starting using Instagram before Twitter or Facebook. In many cases it is a gateway drug for artists who want to share and promote their own work. It's so perfect for street art, since fans and collectors love to snap shots in the environment, post it to Instagram and hashtag and @ call out the artists. The corpus of street art pics on Instagram is enormous. πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
@ccarella think this is super cool!
@ccarella is this dead? You are 404.
@writerpollock it is Tristan, I pulled it down a few months ago as I started focusing on other side-project/art-projects and the maintenance was becoming too much. It had a good multi-year run. If you ever want to talk about it, hit me up.. I'm happy to share lessons learned or anything else.
@ccarella I love that you are making a place for the artists to shine. I love streetart...I take tons of pictures of streetart, but find myself constantly wondering who is behind each work that I photograph. I also like that you can go into each picture and see where it was photographed. I would love to have a map that I could look at by city (see who has what where) and by artist. 😊
@corleyh Thanks! We have our own Instagram account for the photos we take. ... and an entirely separate product that lives at http://ArtMischief.Com As for robust location support, check out the Public Art app which was posted to PH a few months ago -
This is great, I am a big fan of street art (ig: shaunspringer) and you seem to have a lot of my favorite artists (Vhils, PixelPancho, etc). I see you are NYC based, it would be great to connect :)
@shaun_springer hit me up! My email address for art projects is
Found some nice bugs today (the missing images on the homepage). Working on a fix over lunch :)
Cool project. I shoot street art quite a bit (some in nyc) and usually hashtag with the city and #[city]streetart. Not much shows on my account though... Are there some magic hashtags I should use?