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I just discovered Streamup after @drewwilson tweeted a link to a live stream of him working ( Streamup seems to be focused on artists, similar to Twitch's new Creative platform.
@rrhoover however it appears people are using it to stream things like pirates movies. Currently you can watch the Martian...πŸ˜₯
@rrhoover @drewwilson Hi Ryan, thanks for posting Streamup. We do indeed try to differentiate by focusing on entertainment. Unlike other communities where the focus is simply on sharing what's happening (i.e. walking your dog), we try to focus on truly engaging content (creators doing live commentary, news talk shows, reality shows, etc.).
@kyledmichelson I use periscope as my main live streaming platform, would it be worth while for me to switch? πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ€”
@yourstrulyconor Hi Conor, we welcome anyone, but frankly I think it depends on the kind of stream you have. We build Streamup by focusing on broadcasters, so what that ends up meaning is we try to give you the best tools we can so you can have the highest quality broadcasts, i.e. bottom thirds, switching camera angles, special effects, overlays etc. and we give you ways to monetize. Imo, Streamup and Periscope are similar in some ways, but completely different when it comes to use-cases (entertainment vs. teleportation). If you want to make a living broadcasting long-form shows, Streamup offers that, whereas if you want to share brief, interesting moments in your life, Periscope offers that.
@kyledmichelson @kyledmichelson monetisation you say? πŸ€‘ jk πŸ˜‡ streamup def sounds better for my sort of content. I like to just pull out my phone,interact with viewers and have fun πŸ™ŒπŸ» your tools are what's gotme leaning towards you guys, but as a relatively new app, is there possibility for discovery? What are some of the numbers you guys can brag about? Just as an indication.
Live video is the Wild West of the Internet rn.
@bryceoflife It's fascinating isn't it. Something's gonna take hold in a very big way and in a few years it'll be common place.
Hope you guys have enjoyed Streamup. Thanks Ryan for posting it :) - I used to work at and Twitch along with streamed full time for a job at one point. That's significantly shaped the features and logic behind Streamup. I declined thousands of people for partnership while I was working at Twitch and there were plenty that could have made it big if given the chance. At Streamup I wanted to give people that chance. I joined over a year ago to try and give creators a platform that was user friendly and had the community in mind. There have been plenty of challenges, but it's going well and I imagine once we have other key features we're working on finished, it'll be even better. There is no shortage of amazing ideas on our list of to-dos. The challenge has been to try and build them well and as quickly as we can for creators to use. We also take in A LOT of community feedback and if people want something and we believe it fits with our overall mission, we add it. In the most cliche saying ever, "We're by creators, for creators." Although extreme cliche, it's something I'm most proud of.
Yeah, funny how Periscope is mostly "Doing homework, ask me questions" and barely anything worth watching most of the time. If you scope something cool (Venice Beach sunset last week when I was there) you get so many people saying "Thanks! great scope." Curious to see how much entertainment comes through this. I'm looking for, or maybe gonna build, a Request for Stream type app...where you can ask for a live stream and someone in the are will go do it...for a fee.
@automateiq that's an interesting idea πŸ€” the fee would go the creator of the content right?
@automateiq We actually thought about doing that, but the market potential for live streaming platforms appears to be much larger. When you look at the more mature platforms like YY in China, in Korea, or even Twitch here in the US, some of their top broadcasters are pulling in upwards of $20-40K/mo in tips/subscriptions/ads.
@automateiq you should check out the story of Bounty...the app that pivoted top become Periscope
@automateiq Actually, we are working on something like that for last couple of months. About to launch IOS app in a week or so. Early access at
Please change the header of this entry to one that won't cause seizures or eye strain
@balupton That's a new landing page we're AB testing. Thanks for the feedback.
@kyledmichelson @balupton is right. Flashing video in the background is bad idea. It can cause seizures for people sensitive to it
@srikrishnaholla @balupton we're actually updating that page this afternoon.