Optimize your video platform with peer-accelerated delivery

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Thanks @bentossell! Here’s some additional info: Streamroot has developed a peer-accelerated streaming delivery technology designed to help online broadcasters cut their bandwidth costs and improve quality of experience for the viewers. In addition to their traditional server infrastructure, broadcasters using Streamroot benefit from a supplemental video delivery layer using peer-to-peer protocols - or what we like to call peer-accelerated streaming. Our technology connects users watching the same stream, allowing them to obtain content from the source that can provide it the fastest, whether it be from the server or another viewer. This allows online broadcasters to: - dramatically reduce their bandwidth costs while multiplying the capacity of their servers - reach their audiences more efficiently to ensure better quality of service - better handle traffic spikes, making it economically and technically feasible to stream HD and 4K videos to large audiences Best of all, this is completely safe for broadcasters, and requires no plugin or extension on the viewer’s computer! The video demo at allows you to see that in action! The graphs show how much of the video is being streamed from the server (in red) versus how much of the video is being streamed from other people watching the same video at the same time (blue). The bandwidth savings are directly proportional to the percentage of peer-to-peer!
As a WebRTC enthusiast I've been following the players and I am impressed but what Streamroot achieved. Congrats.
@quinaluis Thanks ! WebRTC is great tech, we think Datachannels will really bring great innovations to the browsers in the next years
great job guys !
@ludobos Thanks ludo! We hope to see our p2p tech accelerating your video platform soon :)
If you want a bit more background, Streamroot just got featured on TechCrunch too
I just watched the demo to try and understand whats going on... Rocket launch, robot hand, human brain - didn't clear things up haha. @jeanroudy @theron_pl would love for you to tell us the story here :)