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Hey everyone, I'm one of 3 friends who created StreamPro, a web-based tool that integrates with many popular services to bring broadcast overlay management into one place. We're specifically servicing Twitch broadcasters with plans to expand to other platforms. We're adding new integrations each week with popular streamer services like PayPal, TeeSpring, ExtraLife, and Designs By Humans. Full control of broadcast alerts, animations, graphics, text labels, and more within an easy-to-use drag and drop editor. Our dynamic widget system works with any API and allows users to choose their integrations, such as showing customized alerts when TeeSpring shirts are purchased or PayPal donations are made. When a user is ready to go live, they only need to include their overlay URL in their broadcasting software of choice. As livestreaming continues to grow into a profession for people across the world, production quality and viewer engagement remain the highest priority. Until now, it has always been a very technically challenging task integrating services and live alerts on-screen. We hope to continue to make this process accessible and usable across all streaming platforms and broadcast software. I'm here with @asteelez and happy to answer any questions!
@tomgeoco looks promising ! I'll try to give it a shot during our next stream at Gameloft Montréal :)
@jpvalery @tomgeoco That would be fantastic :) We've been working closely with larger companies and organization streams to address specific needs and get them setup for their big ticket events. We'd be happy to do the same for you. E-mail me if you'd like to chat!
I'm definitely going to give this a shot! My Twitch looks like crap.
@veronica Sweet! If you need any help, we're extremely active on our twitter account @StreamProIO
Congratulations for the work done so far.
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