Streamline Emoji

😃 780+ Free Vector Emoji - Creative Commons license

get it

👍🏻 Cute, Free, Perfect for your next project

🦄 Inspired by the Japanese “Kawaii” style

🎁 Released under Creative Common Attribution licence

⭐️ We'll add more emoji in the upcoming months

👩🏻 👩🏼 👩🏾 We will add a lot more diversity int the next versions

⬇️ Provided as Sketch, illustrator, PDF, and SVG files

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Lee Fuhr
Lee Fuhr@cozysd · Founder & Creative Director, Cozy
I've been a _huge_ fan of Vincent's work for many years. His Streamline set is legendary and almost all we use here. This is another great addition to his portfolio. And free? What?
Vincent Le Moign
Vincent Le MoignMaker@webalys · Founder, Webalys
@cozysd Thank you Lee! Can't wait to show you streamline 3.0 :-)
Adam DePasqua
Adam DePasqua@adamdepasqua · Founder of To Eat List
Rad freebie!
Vincent Le Moign
Vincent Le MoignMaker@webalys · Founder, Webalys
@adamdepasqua Thanks! And we have a lot of emoji food, that could be helpful for your Eat List project 🍔
Fabrizio Rinaldi
Fabrizio Rinaldi@linuz90 · filmmaker
Wow, they look amazing 👏
Vincent Le Moign
Vincent Le MoignMaker@webalys · Founder, Webalys
@linuz90 Thank you 😊
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