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The world’s largest icon library.

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#3 Product of the WeekJuly 25, 2018

Streamline 3.0 is the world’s largest icon library. Weighing in at over 30,000 icons, 3 unique weights, 53 categories, and 720 subcategories. Hand-crafted and fine-tuned with over 10,000 hours of blood, sweat, and vectors.

  • Antoine Plu
    Antoine PluFreelance Designer

    Best icon library in the world 🙏🏻 Optimised for Sketch, Figma & Illustrator too!


    I don't see any 🤷🏻‍♂️

    I've been using Streamline 3.0 in the Beta phase and I can affirm you, this is definitely worth the price of this incredible icon set.

    Vincent and his team are getting better and better every time they release something new. 🚀

    Everything is so well organized! You're using Nucleo or IconJar? No problem they've got your back 👊🏻

    Antoine Plu has used this product for one month.
  • Lee Fuhr
    Lee FuhrFounder & Creative Director, Cozy

    “Extensive” is an understatement. Polished. Professional. Flexible. Technically complete. Proven track record. Wide-ranging suite of assets.


    None. I mean… there will be projects here and there that these don't solve for (super stodgy, maybe, as these can be playful). But not rly.

    Been using Streamline since 1.0. And not just Streamline — I literally have a section in IconJar called "Vincent's world". See?

    A hidden benefit of Streamline is that the same great designer has also created some other really amazing sets, some that add a great amount more detail. So there's a sibling-ness to them which makes them useful as part of a family for wider projects. Check out Kameleon and Streamline UX (not sure about the use of "UX" there, if I'm being honest :D).

    Lee Fuhr has used this product for one year.
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Brandon Bayer
Brandon Bayer@flybayer · Making, Indie Hacker
Whoa, this is amazing!! Congrats on the launch! Version 2.5 for has been my icon set of choice for awhile. I'll definitely be buying this one. I'm really excited for the optimized SVGs and weight variations. By the way, the website design is FREAKING AWESOME!
Matt D. Smith
Matt D. SmithMaker@mds · Design Director, Studio Mds
@beedesignllc Woot! Thanks so much Brandon.
Vasyl Slobodian
Vasyl Slobodian@vasylslobodian · Product Designer & Pitch Deck Expert
WooOOow, what a killer landing page!
Vincent Le Moign
Vincent Le MoignMaker@webalys · Founder, Webalys
@vasylslobodian Thanks! That's the work of @mds, who used his magic for the copy and design 🙌
Matt D. Smith
Matt D. SmithMaker@mds · Design Director, Studio Mds
@vasylslobodian Thanks, Vasyl!
Paul Tomkinson
Paul Tomkinson@paultomkinson · Founder, Textras
Insert hat tip emoji {here}
Ellie Chang
Ellie Chang@ellie_chang · Founder & CEO, Jobalaya
Useful stuff! Love the design.
Definitely one of the best icon sets out there! I highly recommend it to everyone. Congrats on the launch!
Vincent Le Moign
Vincent Le MoignMaker@webalys · Founder, Webalys
@justasdesign Wow! Thanks for your super kind words and fr spreading the word about Streamline 🙏🏻