Streamline 1.0

1600+ Vector Icons for Designers & Developers

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Vincent Le Moign
Vincent Le MoignMaker@webalys · Founder, Webalys
Thanks for sharing about my icons Murat :-) I'm the Streamline icons designer, and I'm flattered that you use them in Marvelapp! As 1,600 icon were not enough, we are creating more at the moment. That will take a few weeks (months?) to finish but there is hundreds more icons coming for the streamline collection... Also, check one cool project we did... The infamous "Nasty icons: *-* And a new collection coming soon, flat style: Cheers! Vincent
Murat Mutlu
Murat MutluHunterHiring@mutlu82 · Co-Founder, Marvelapp
I used this set in Marvel, it's huuuge!
Felipe Pacheco
Felipe Pacheco@fepacheco · Creator @hicMonsters
I have been using @webalys 's icons since 2012 in my Keynote presentations and I like them very much. The Minicons ( ) even have Keynote/Powerpoint icons what is really, really great cause you can change the features right on your presentation.
CrowdFundingPlanning@davidkhorram · Idea Accelerator
I love it.