Create forever running video playlists

get it lets you create forever running video channels based on Youtube playlists. The playlists stay in sync with everyone who's watching.


Mario Netzer
Ui Tiến
Negan Coin
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Simon Brxndle
Simon BrxndleMaker@__symn · Developer
Hi Product Hunt 👋 Back in January i said to myself: "This year i am going to post something on Product Hunt, for real". Now, after graduating from university i finally found some time to create something new. 📺 StreamForever lets you create forever running video playlists that stay in sync with everyone who's watching. 🎸 I really like to listen to music on Youtube, especially NPM's Tiny Desk Concerts or the shows from "La Blogotheque". However, it bugged me that Youtube playlists always start from the beginning. 💡I wanted to have a service that lets you create "channels" where you can pop in just like you do when you turn on the radio or tv. Out of that, was born. 😗 Only after i finished i found out that there are some similar services. However, i like the simplicity of my solution for which you only need to copy a Youtube playlist URL, paste it and use the generated URL to watch alone or with friends. Hope you like it!
carlos garcia
carlos garcia@androidlove · Co-Founder, Internet Missionaries
Too cool, will have to use it in a few projects.