Transfer files by a web browser

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Not loading on safari. Working fine on chrome.
@abhimanyu_gtn I guess they rely on WebRTC which is not yet implemented by Apple in Safari... :/
From the site: StreamBIN allows you to use WebBrowser to share a file in the Internet as long as web page is opened. It was build as a pet project to remedy the typical problem I had which was to send file from one laptop to the other without USB sticks, emails or services like Dropbox where you need an account. It differs from all these solution in a way that it does not persist any data - everything is done in-flight and no account is needed, you can start downloading in seconds. This works, as long as your web page is active, when you close/reload it, connection is closed, downloading on the other side stops and information about availability is destroyed.
This is pretty cool, need to test it. For example, it could work very well for interoffice transfers or between isolated/guest computers that are on the same building or office but separated networks.
Website is down.