Stream to BigQuery by Keen IO

An easy way to get all your interaction data in BigQuery

Stream to BigQuery by Keen IO is a fully-managed data pipeline. Use Keen's 15+ developer SDKs to collect custom JSON event data like user activities and ad interactions. BigQuery gives you the ability to run powerful SQL analysis across your business, and to connect and visualize your data in modern BI tools like Tableau.

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Hi ProductHunt! I'm Peter from the Keen IO Product team and I was a part of the maker team. I'm really excited that we've taken this step forward - unifying the strengths of Keen with the strengths of the SQL and BI ecosystems! Our goal was to help teams run analysis their way, with the easiest possible custom event data collection. Looking forward to hearing your feedback, happy to answer questions!
Maggie from Keen's Community and Partner Development team here. The work that we're the proudest of at Keen IO are features we create by listening to and fulfilling our customers' needs. We're excited to help developers stream their user and event data to Google's Cloud Enterprise suite and enable their teams to plug into their favorite BI tools. It was a pleasure working with the Google Partnership team on this one, and we're grateful for the support they've provided on this joint integration. The feedback received from our soft beta launches been extremely positive about the integration's usefulness. Looking forward to your comments and feedback! Thank you!

Full disclosure, I work at Keen IO! The ability to query event data in SQL has been one of our most-requested features over the years. We're happy to finally unlock that capability with our integration with BigQuery!


Finally, SQL analysis on keen event data! Plus, Keen can auto-enrich your data with user location and device details.


If you're not familiar with BigQuery, there will be a learning curve to figuring out how to analyze your data there.