image4io has a video streaming feature now. Upload any video format, we encode to stream. Optimization, delivery, and storage. All in one. You can start free now.
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Hello ProductHunters! It's İren, and I'm so excited to introduce you our video streaming platform. image4io allows you to store your big size videos on the website in the image4io. We store, encode and stream your videos to any device. 🚀 Our goal: To manage and stream your video with hassle. What makes us stand out: ✅ Start for free. ✅ No need for any development. We provide even a watching web page for your videos. Just share it. ✅ We adapt to any device or any internet speed. We encode your videos for all resolutions to fit any screen. 📺 See it live. We create a demo page for you. Watch it and #stayhome. LIVE We hope you'll like the 'Stream by image4io' experience as much as we do! Share your ideas, tell us what you need, or what features you're dreaming about — we'll be happy to make them come true. Thank you for your support, questions, and looking forward to your feedback in the comments! 😍 And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!
@irensaltali interesting. What problem does it solve? Why not use YouTube or Vimeo?
@eric_axelrod Hi Eric. Let's assume you are trying to build e-learning platform like Udemy. You can't stream your videos from YouTube or Vimeo. You need more private streaming infrastructure. That is one of the usage scenarios for 'image4io Stream'. We are providing fully controllable private streaming infrastructure as a SaaS. And all you need to do is uploading. After that we encode, store and stream to anywhere in the world to any device.
I think it is one step ahead in personal video streaming and it will open an opportunity for many creators and educators to start private streaming! Like the product!
Hi i@irensaltali, it seems like a great product but I have one question about privacy. How do you secure videos? Let's say I built an e-learning platform (as you say). I stream video content with image4io. On the buyer get a course and see all the URLs of videos. Can this buyer share this URL with anyone? Congrats on the launch.
Hi @osman_kocs, It is great question. We provide secure URLs for privacy and security of your videos. Then what is 'secure URL'? 🔗 Secure URL is token based authentication for your content. First you put a restriction for certain assets (image or video). After that you generate a token based on a few parameters for that asset (like IP address of viewer or time window to access). You use this token as URL parameter of content URL. In this way, a secure URL will be created. Content won't be visible even your user shares this URL with others.
Got it, thanks!
Congratulations on the Product Hunt launch. Seems a great product but I have a question. How do I start using your product while having many videos on my previous storage service. It seems a lot of work to upload all of my videos to your system. Do you have any migration service or utility to use?
Hi @yigitkonur We know that migrating from one service to another is a tedious process. As image4io, we are providing migration tools from well-known and common cloud platforms to our storage. That way, you can easily start using our streaming service without too much hassle. We support AWS S3, Azure Storage, DO Spaces, FTP and more.
@irensaltali Great! I will be happy to see a Youtube Migration tool to secure my 'unlisted' videos. Until to this time, using simple youtube-downloader scripts in CLI and uploading to S3 is viable solution.
@yigitkonur Great feedback. We can definitely do that. We are adding this to our roadmap.
Neat idea since people are exploring options to YouTube.
Thanks @charlesjo, Glad you like it.