Streaks Workout

Personal trainer for the Apple TV

Me and @isaacforman built Streaks Workout for the new Apple TV as a spinoff from our previous app, Streaks (#1 on Product Hunt in June).
Super, sound useful. All the best to you guys.
This is great ... Will check this out when I get back from London! Good luck 🙉
Really nice! My wife and I always complain that no one's made a really simple exercise app for our TV devices yet. On that note: any other platforms coming? Chromecast? Fire TV?
@clarklab We're looking at making an iPhone and iPad version, since I think there will be some cool integrations we can do between the phone and TV. Still just prototyping ideas at this stage!
A quick video showing how to do each exercise would be cool.. seeing as it's on my TV..
@danielkempe the current exercise animates to demonstrate how it's done. One of the things I didn't like about other exercise apps are the extensive descriptions and videos that get in the way. We knew the animations were the way to go when @isaacforman's 3 year old son started doing the exercises during beta without any prompting.
@danielkempe I just updated the web site so it animates similarly to the app - check it out!