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Not late to party. Party just getting started. Meerkat, Periscope and others-- we're all in this together. For the record, though, is a lot different than Meerkat. We focus on mobile UX for iOS AND Android and connect to any social platform -- Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc -- without being built on top of any of those platforms. We want people to have options to authenticate with FB or twitter, or create their own unique username/ profile. Along those privacy lines, viewers are "anonymous" until they "like" a and opt-in to identifying themselves, and the chats that occur around stre.ams are private -- i.e., within, not shared externally. To ensure there's always exciting content to discover in, we also have a "reels" feature that allows users to record 3-15 second video highlights which save for 24 hours.
How is this compared to Meerkat?
@kalivia Looks very similar, might just be a little late to the party..
@kalivia Hey! Full disclosure up front: I'm CTO of InfiniteTakes, the company behind We're actually big fans of Meerkat - in fact, we had the privilege of bumping into them just a couple hours ago at SXSW: So, I'm probably not the best person to answer this question, as I'm both inherently biased, and an Android user (so I haven't been able to use Meerkat hands-on yet). That being said, here are a few things I see as being differentiators: First, as implied above, we're cross-platform, running on both Android and iOS. Second, while we value simplicity greatly, our product does offer a wide breadth of features: - You can chat while watching/broadcasting - We have the newly launched "reel" feature (short clips that stick around for 24h) - We're a complete standalone social network, complete with user discoverability, following, push/email notifications, etc. The social network aspect is probably one of the biggest differences, really. From what I can tell, it looks like Meerkat fundamentally offers a service (live video streaming) that sits on top of an existing social network (Twitter)., on the other hand, is really meant to be a social network in it's own right. You can of course still notify your friends on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, but those are all optional integrations. Like I said at the start, we think Meerkat is great, and especially after meeting them today we wish them nothing but the best of luck. When it comes to comparing the products, though, I think the biggest differentiators are really outside of the core video streaming features, and are more about what needs the app is trying to address as you interact with your online connections. For, we think that sharing live video is going to be a fundamental departure from how you're currently interacting with your online connections, and that in turn warrants a dedicated network to support and give you complete control over those interactions. That's long winded response, but thanks for the question! We've seen a lot of articles in the last couple days comparing our products, so it's a good thought exercise for us to think through it as well! P.S. After having blurted all that out, I guess a more concise answer could be: - is a *social network* that supports live video streaming. - Meerkat is live video streaming *via tweets*. Thanks again!
@jmar777 Sounds interesting. I'm an Android user so that was my first draw, but I like the reel feature and the 24hr feature for people who may have missed a stream. I think the appeal of Merkat for some people though may in fact be the fact that it is a straightforward product from the getgo seeing as this is a pretty new concept to the app world. That being said, the social network capabilities seem really fun. I'd love to follow certain journalists on interviews, etc during SXSW for example. People could even chat in questions...of course this is coming from a tech writer so that's the first angle I thought of. Does Str.eam work similarly to Meerkat in browser when someone clicks on a link to a live stream?
@kalivia We've temporarily removed in-browser viewing because the user experience frankly wasn't up to par, but that feature is definitely coming back! And I fully agree about getting a "behind the scenes" view during interviews and other news situations. We've actually had some interesting broadcasts lately from Jon Fortt (CNBC) and Amy Wood (WSPA 7) showing behind-the-scenes action during live news broadcasts, which were really fun to watch. We're obviously excited to see how that space evolves.
I'm resurrecting a zombie thread here, but for those who may still be reading this: we've since reenabled in-browser viewing. Simply go to E.g., for me, that would be
You're confident owning the social network is the way to go? Much of the meerkat press pointed to cannibalizing existing networks as the way to go. Granted, pushing the automated notification thing too hard within that network got them the plug pulled.
@adambmedia I suppose that's a question that only time will tell. Mobile video streaming is still a young enough space that there are still a lot of outstanding questions around what users expect. How do they want to share it, who do they want to share it with, what are the privacy expectations, etc. We are of course doing our best to anticipate those expectations and preemptively meet them, but the most honest possible answer is that we're still learning as we continue to get user feedback and observe how the product is being used. Having our own social network as the foundation gives us a lot more knobs to tweak as we continue that learning process. It is probably worth explicitly stating that we didn't build to try and disrupt Meerkat's market. We started development about 11 months ago, and at the time we saw Ustream, Livestream, Mobli, etc. as our main competitors; Meerkat wasn't even on the radar yet. Meerkat has had phenomenal success in recent weeks, and we wish them nothing but more of it. I understand why there have been so many comparisons made between and Meerkat, though, but in the end it may not really need to be "us or them". It's a big market, and really not that crowded yet. So, are we confident? Yesssss? Ask me again in a month. :)