Stratify for iPad

Strategy made simple

Stratify helps you can create any kind of 2x2 matrix to help you with planning, decision making, workshops, brainstorming etc..
The Features of the app are:

Edit and Modify the matrix according to your needs, change axis names and define blocks or quadrants
, add colors, bubbles of different sizes
, capture notes and export the saved reports.


Bryan Rego


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Sreeram V
Sreeram VHunter@deleted-1174192 · Product Manager, Simfoni
Hi Everyone, Love to be here. We feel this product is quite different and useful. Please shoot incase of any questions.
Zach Swetz
Zach Swetz@swetzequity · Product Manager in Pittsburgh
I like it's simplicity and usefulness. Any thoughts on a web version? Would make it easier to share with coworkers perhaps? Something like, export to powerpoint?
Sreeram V
Sreeram VHunter@deleted-1174192 · Product Manager, Simfoni
@swetzequity Thanks for your comments. This is the initial version and we intend to add more features. Please feel free to comment on anything specific you want to see and I will put that in the road map.
Bryan Rego
Bryan Rego@bryanrego · Just Me :-)
I love the app. It's a simple concept of 2x2 matrix beautifully applied in the app with colorful bubbles and text. Even the draw feature is awesome. Great to use this app for brain stroming and visualizing ideas..
Mathieu Guerville
Mathieu Guerville@mattmg83 · Director Strategy and M&A, UL LLC
Mostly doesn't work for me. I wish it did but the "Add New" button to add a bubble doesn't work (Ipad Pro)
Sreeram V
Sreeram VHunter@deleted-1174192 · Product Manager, Simfoni
@mattmg83 hmmm, we will check oN iPAD PRO and push out a new version if needed. Will comment back here when done