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This 30-page guide covers all of the must-haves in SaaS marketing - from understanding your customer, to expanding your digital presence, and growing your brand. There is also a brand new conception of the SaaS marketing journey that @katykatztx, @trevorhatfield, and I have been hard at work to outline. We'd love to hear your thoughts on it!
@nikkielizdemere @katykatztx Thanks for posting Nichole! We are excited to talk more about the SaaS Marketing Journey and get feedback that will help us continue to make it better. Excellent job of outlining the marketing tactics Katy!
@nikkielizdemere @katykatztx @trevorhatfield The book looks awesome Nichole! Can't wait to browse through it. However, I signed up about an hour ago and still haven't received an email with the download link.
@aaronzakowski Let me check it out for you really quickly!
@aaronzakowski @nikkielizdemere @katykatztx I see in our account that the email was delivered, so possibly check your spam? Either way I will make sure to send you the ebook directly. Thanks for letting us know Aaron.
@aaronzakowski Let me check it out for you really quickly!