A simple product for individuals looking to concisely plan, relate, and visualize their short term, long term, and overarching goals.
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Hey all 👋🏻 This is a product I built sporadically over the course of a month; I'm a still a junior developer so go easy on me :) Essentially, Stratagem is a nice, simple way to plan, concisely explain, and relate your goals to each other. Instead of creating mountainous goals for yourself, maybe give Stratagem a try and develop short and long term goals that will lead to your final goal.
I agree with the former commenter. Looks well, but you do need a plan to keep people coming back for habit tracking.
Agreed, I appreciate the feedback Marco!
Congrats on the launch @colinbethea, app looks beautiful! Where are you planning to take this? IMHO only writing my plans in Stratagem once and never coming back won't help me achieve them. How do you plan staying on top of people's mind? Have you considered some kind of "habit tracking" feature? Maybe reminders, progress logging, community encouragement... Congrats again, quite impressed with this quality in such a young age, you've got a bright future ahead :)
Hey Marc, thanks for the kind words! I'm not entirely sure on the best route, but I do have some foundational thoughts for what the next steps might look like: accountability services, a slack community, and SMS/email reminders. A few days ago I wrote a post on my thoughts here: https://blog.colinbethea.com/the...
Congrats. Coincidence that I own a domain “remindmygoals.com”, plan was to build a goal reminder. I have not got time though. I can give you that domain if you are interested by the way.
I would rather make a chrome extension to do this job. cause your need remind people some time.
A chrome extension might be in the works in the future - I like this idea.