An end to end design system in Sketch and ReactJS

Straple is a design system which focuses on going from Brand all the way to product development. We want to empower teams by minimising production and resource requirements to help focus on creating great things. Built using Sketch and ReactJS with more variations and platforms in the future.

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UI/UX @EU_Commission
I like the idea a lot, but after taking a look at the website I found no trial version. Would be really nice if I first could use the product and then pay for it if I like it!
Benn Raistrick
Founder - Gravita
Hi @tnsrig thanks for the comments, while we wanted to be able to provide a sample of Straple we decided that it wouldn't be very useful to anyone as the system is so connected that seeing how we built symbols in sketch or react components isn't very helpful and won't reflect what Straple does. Straple isn't software so would be vey difficult to put a trial on and it's not a subscription either. There are many styleguides and UI kits which exist already what make Straple different is that it focuses on the understanding of going from brand development, right through to product. understanding atomic design and how there are 1,000's or variations which can be applied to a design atom. So we focused on contrast for type and buttons, variations in how an element might be used. Our goal is to keep providing tools for designers and startup so they can focus less on production and more on putting great stuff out there. Storytelling and problem solving. We intent to release FREE updates to Straple and add on's like, brand spectrums, brand process, SAAS templates which extend the framework, Website templates and hopefully if we can get enough people, a way to export values direct to the ReactJS library from Sketch. We think that the amount of content you get hopefully justifies the cost and while we will be giving bits of it away soon, like the icon set and mockups we will be keeping the core at cost. We have some guide videos on the website which give insight into what you get and how it works and we'll have another coming out soon showing us designing a product from brand to application.
Nate DavisData Driven Designer
@bennraistrick Cool, will take a look at the videos.
Balázs BartaUI/UX Designer
Someone tried it already? Is it worth the price?
Stephen Olmstead
Product Strategy @ InVision
Congrats Benn and team! I know a LOT of hard work and effort has gone into this, big day for you all here. Has been fun to see this one grow and evolve. Keep on the great work.
Benn Raistrick
Founder - Gravita
@theolmstead Thanks it's been great sharing the journey with you.
Katy LeProduct Designer, founder RedCat Studio.
That look nice. I just watched the intro video, but I didn't see anything powerful that give me the decision to buy or not. So as the same with somebody below, I hope to see trial version ;)
Arash RahmatiUX / UI Designer


After some isseus with payment and delays resolving it, I finally got my hands on this puppy. I can say that I am super excited by what I can see so far!

If you are a professional designer that wants to level up, this is for you. If you are crazy about details and organising designs to make them efficiently work for you, this is for you.

If you are serious about providing a rich full design as a service this framework covers all the things you need. You really can provide agency quality work.

Of course it will take some time to fully get it down packed but I beleive after a few uses this will definitly raise the bar between you and your competitors.

Thank you to the founder Benn, for stepping in and solving my issues.




Amazing, full service framework great from solopreneurs and agencies.


May need some time to master

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