Analytics and dev SDKs for wearables

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Strap actually reminds me of Phonegap in terms of integration simplicity, speed to market and universality.
Hey everybody! I'm Steve, Founder/CEO at Strap (@getstrap). We're building Strap because we see an exciting yet fragmented ecosystem taking shape in the wearable development community. We want to lower the barrier to entry for wearable app devs while giving them amazing insights about their users. Our core product is StrapMetrics, a cross-platform analytics SDK for Android Wear, Pebble, Tizen, and Glass. We're also working on StrapKit, a cross-platform development platform that allows developers to write in JavaScript and ship their apps to all of the major wearable platforms. Happy to answer any questions or assist with integrations as needed. Thanks @TonyNicalo and @andyfortson for getting the conversation going.
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