All your affiliate programs data in one place 💹

Strackr helps you to monitor and track affiliate data from platforms like Awin, Affilinet or Amazon. It’s an all-in-one dashboard who gives you access to transactions/leads, revenues or clicks and metrics like EPC (Earning Per Click), Revenue Share or CTS (Conversion To Sale) to compare your performance.

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I am using this solution in Beta since a month now, I find it very useful to receive every day a summary of my revenues via email. The dashboard is very clean, and you can find very easily who are your best partners, and what need to be tracked.


Simple, useful, compatible with a lot of platforms, the creator is very responsive to emails.


Would be great to have some notification about important changes (revenues, CR, conversion validations, etc.)

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Thank you Michael for your message :) We planned to add an "Alerts system" to be notified about important change with affiliate programs.
Add LeadDyno and I'm in
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@_brendan_martin Added in my list, please contact me at, I will send you an email when it's done :)
👋 Hello Product Hunters! :) This is my first side project and I’m launching it today! I earned my first affiliate commission in 2004 (a Dell computer, 15%, the golden age 🤑) when all websites displayed tons of ads, I bet on affiliate marketing because I think it’s the best compromise for publishers and visitors. During this period, I developed (I’m a developer) tools for my business and one of my big issues is to manage tens affiliate platforms and hundreds of affiliate programs! How to follow statistics and revenues when you have to log in to 20 different websites by days? To make things worse, some affiliate platform requires one account by country! That’s why I developed, for me and now for everyone! 🚀 ✅ Monitoring your performance Detailed reports Statistics by affiliate platforms or programs Connect affiliate plateforms Here is a list of affiliate platforms available today (survey to add more platforms): • Amazon • Awin • Affilinet • Tradedoubler • Adrecord • Affilae • Commission Junction • Performance Horizon • Effiliation • Tradetracker • Impact Radius • Daisycon • eBay Partner Network • ShareASale • Adservice ✅ Demo and Feedbacks I’m happy to answer any questions you have through the comments section below! Would love to hear your feedback, and excited to show Strackr and the live demo. 🎁 During 7 days and for all Product Hunters, get 10% off any plan with this coupon: PRODUCTHUNT
@_julienh Very neat! Every time I browse my ShareASale dashboard I get an awesome throwback to early 2000's design a e s t h e t i c s. While I enjoy the nostalgia trip this seems like a far better alternative! Look forward to trying it out :)
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@cameronrohani Thank you Cameron, you didn't see their API ;) Please, send me your feedback !
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