Right sized cosmetics for women

Stowaway sells right-sized makeup so you can actually use all of it.

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Oh hey, this is my wife's company! I don't know a ton about cosmetics but everyone I know that has seen or used their products is in love with them. Hence the upvote. (also psyched to see products for-women-by-women on Product Hunt!)
Vayner/RSE is a proud investor... and I'm also proud of my newfound knowledge of what "BB cream" is. Cool stuff.
@dens Can you connect us? We're launching a cosmetics app and I think Stowaway would be a nice fit.
@philtoronto would love your feedback on our app, listed today:
I lovethe products they are just the right size and price this is a great valentines day gift fro all you guys/gals out there
I think this product is amazing but is it sold in the UK
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I recently got three Stowaway lipsticks in my Must-Have box and they were the surprise hit! Not only is the size convenient, but the lipstick quality is fantastic. Each one is vibrant and super creamy so I feel comfortable applying even if I've forgotten chapstick. Win!