StoryWorth Holiday Gift

A year of family stories bound in a keepsake book.

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Great gift for the family or your S/O. Is there enough time for this to print and arrive before Christmas (9 days away), @nickbaum?
@rrhoover This is what makes Storyworth such a great last minute gift. The books don't get printed until a year from now once the stories are written, so you can purchase it on Christmas Eve or even on Christmas Day. It starts with a simple email (we also offer print-at-home cards) and it ends with a beautiful hardcover book.
Hi everyone, I started StoryWorth to record my Dad's stories. Here's how it works: you invite a loved one, we send them weekly questions about their life for a year, and at the end of the year we print all their stories in a hardcover book. It's super simple, but it's a really unique and personal gift for parents, grandparents and anyone else whose stories you want to preserve. We recently released a brand new set of book designs as part of a partnership with For the holidays, we're giving everyone $20 off, so it's only $59 for a year of stories and a hardcover book. Happy to answer any questions!
HUGE fan of Storyworth, been using it for years, Nick + team are amazing.