StoryWorth Gift Book

Collect weekly family stories into a meaningful holiday gift

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Hi there, I'm the founder of @StoryWorth. For the holidays, we've launched a meaningful gift that you can purchase at the last minute. Invite a family members to answer questions about their life, and we'll send them a printed book of their stories after a year. AMA!
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Looks great! What is the last day for ordering?
@joshdance Hi Joshua! Since the books get printed after the stories have been written/recorded (around a year from now), you can order the gift the very same day. We give you a gift card you can print out so you have something physical to gift.
@nickbaum Love this idea! Question: Do you transcribe recorded responses? I'd love to get this for my parents, but they'd be far more likely to record their responses vs write them. And do non-written responses (video? audio?) get saved in the private space? For how long? Thanks!
@stephenanderson Thanks Stephen! By default we send you the audio files, but we do offer transcription as an additional service (we have real people doing it since automated transcription isn't quite there yet). We save all the files as long as you're subscribed, and you can download everything at any time if you'd like to stop your subscription.