Create a crowdsourced biography for a friend

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Hi all! First of all a massive thanks to @bramk for hunting us long before we were ready to open our platform! A year ago we started selling compact ghostwritten biographies through our website for a price that is much lower than was ever thought possible. StoryStarter, which we are launching exclusively on PH today, aims to make the experience much more social and easier to fund as a gift. We’re a little ambitious and actually hope that it makes creating a biography so affordable and fun that in 50 years everyone will be able to read about their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.. Please have a look around (it takes two minutes to start a campaign, no strings attached) and provide us with some candid feedback! If you start a campaign in the next two weeks, please make sure you collect your free credit. Have fun bringing family & friends together to share memories and crowdfund a unique book around a momentous birthday, wedding, or reunion! Rutger
I purchased an awesome biography of my parents through StoryTerrace. If id known I could get all their friends to pay for it (and raise awareness of the project) I would've held out for this. It wasn't that expensive though so whatever.
StoryStarter is an awesome service where you, together with others, can create a crowdsourced book, full of content about your friend, your dad or your grandmother :) @rutgernow can tell you more!
Great service and innovative idea. Love that it ties together online and offline so seamlessly.
Thanks @johnmgannon. Best of both worlds ;)
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