turn blog posts into scrolling videos for Instagram Stories

StoryScroll turns webpages & blog posts into auto-scrolling videos perfectly sized for Instagram Stories, Posts, and other social media!
1. Input a URL
2. Click the Make Videos button
3. Post your videos!
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You can't post links on Instagram unless you're verified or have a business profile with over 10,000 followers. And even then, every link is a road block on the way to conversion. Writers, bloggers, and content marketers are at a disadvantage on social media, because these platforms prioritize video and advertisements. StoryScroll turns your long form content into auto-scrolling videos. No clicks, no distracting sound, no friction. Just a clean, lean-back, and engaging experience. Your videos will look great on Instagram Stories, as posts, and on any social media that supports video. YES, IT'S FREE - Download the app and make unlimited awesome videos all day, every day. I'd love to get your feedback & make StoryScroll the best it can be. P.S. Infinite scroll is very hard to deal with & you'll need to install Chrome if you haven't already. (This is mainly to keep filesize down) P. P.S. If you like StoryScroll, you might also dig my newsletter of actionable & non-patronizing career advice for software developers =>
Great tool for creating more engaging content! Looking forward to using it ๐Ÿ‘
BTW, the first 20 people to use this discount code will get 50% off a monthly Premium Pass =>
@nealrs How's one get support? Not working on a wordpress blog - I've tried every relevant selector and it's just grabbing the title of the post.
@dshan Hey Derek - email me w/ the config (url, selectors, etc.) and I'll take a look.
This is so awesome!
@rtc123 Thanks Rachel!
Isn't the whole point of Instagram to keep things short?
@tostartafire I think it depends. I follow brands / people that post a TON of stuff to their stories, including long videos. I probably wouldn't post a 5000 word NYT feature via StoryScroll, but my latest blog post? Definitely.