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Erik RoodMaker@erood20 ·,,
Here’s why I made Storyrake: -I’m a fan of email newsletters, and use my inbox to curate/manage a good deal of content -I subscribe to too many subreddits, so some of my favorites rarely make the front page due to lower traffic (and upvote) volumes. -I wanted a snapshot summary covering top content from my favorite subreddits, without having to visit each individual subreddit or be bombarded with a stream of content through an RSS feed Long-term, I’m planning to add ability to subscribe to summaries covering ‘topics’ on reddit (agnostic of the subreddit they are posted in), as well as a few additional sites (Hackernews, ProductHunt, etc). Will check back intermittently to answer any questions!
Ben Levy@benmlevy · Co-Founder of Sweep, PH NYC Co-Organizer
Hey @erood20! This is cool - I just signed up. It looks like it didn't detect all of the subreddits I was interested in signing up it only for the larger subs for now?
Erik RoodMaker@erood20 ·,,
@benmlevy Thanks for signing up! I just dropped in the larger subreddits to start, but planning to add a form where users can suggest additions. Mind sending over the subreddits you want added? You can either drop them here or email with the list.
Ben Levy@benmlevy · Co-Founder of Sweep, PH NYC Co-Organizer
@storyrake @erood20 I'm pretty interested in following more startup/tech related subreddits. Here's a list of some that I'm interested in (you may already have some of these available) r/dfsports r/AMA r/shamelessplug r/indiebiz r/startups r/internetisbeautiful r/entrepreneur
Erik RoodMaker@erood20 ·,,
@benmlevy Just added the following missing subreddits: r/dfsports r/AMA r/shamelessplug r/indiebiz r/internetisbeautiful Thanks for providing the list! Should have a form up next week where users can suggest additional subreddits without leaving the site.
Ben Levy@benmlevy · Co-Founder of Sweep, PH NYC Co-Organizer
@erood20 Just wanted to circle back here as I just got your daily email. Love it and love the product so far man. It keeps me up to date on Reddit (Which I want to be) without spending hours surfing it a day ha
Erik RoodMaker@erood20 ·,,
@benmlevy Glad you find it useful! I am enjoying it more than expected myself. I'm pretty much out of mediums to share it on but feel like more folks would find useful, so feel free to pass along to your friends!
kt@k_to_the_t · CMO (Seed&Spark), writer, burger lover.
Cool concept! Signing up, since I lose a lot of time (and miss stuff when I forget) manually parsing all my fave subreddits. How are you thinking about tackling the topics categorization, considering some topics overlap more clearly than others?