Storyo 2.0

Group video memories with amazing details

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Manuel Costa
Hi everyone and thank you @erictwillis for hunting us 😻 We’ve just launched Storyo 2.0. With this version we want to become your favorite production assistant to document the times of your life. Our goal as we build Storyo is to help people share the memories that are buried in their camera roll combining their photos + the metadata behind the photos + our… See more
Paulo Taylor
@paulotaylor · ControlSpace.co
Love it! Been following them since the beginning and it's great to see how much they progressed always pushing the envelope. Great job guys!
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
I've been on the beta of this for a while. Think its really interesting actually - but I want something that is gunna 10x vs Google Photos. Im shit at remembering to take photos and stuff but there is definitely something here. I tried Fabric for a while too which was in a similar field. btw send testflights to ben.tossell@gmail.com :) Tell us the story … See more
Horea Burca
@horea4 · Co-Founder, Developer
This looks amazing guys, congrats! I'll definitely use it over the next couple of weeks to get a better understanding of its value, but the effort you guys put into this couldn't have been small :)
Mohit Mamoria
@mohitmamoria · Maker and Storyteller
Just downloaded the app. This looks like a fresh take on collaborative videos. I can make my own FB-style videos along with my friends.